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Alien Entertainment, 543 East Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148, (888)734-7386
Annie's Book Stop, 65 James Street, Worcester, MA 01603, (508)796-5613
Better World Books
Between Books, 2703 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, Delaware 19703, (302)798-3378
Barnes & Noble
Comic Connection, 5328 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, FL 32821, (407)238-1303
Dead Parrot Discs, 3335 Babette Court, Indianapolis, IN 46227, (315)865-3051
Fables Comics & Collectibles, 5 North Main Street, Southington, CT 06489, (860)628-5172
Forbidden Planet, 840 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, (212)473-1576
Ken's Korner, USA, 923 S. Wooster Street, Los Angeles, CA 90035, (310)659-7422
McNally Jackson NYC, 52 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012, (212)274-1160
The Other Change of Hobbit, 2020 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704-1117, (510)848-0413
Porter Square Books, 25 White Street, Cambridge, MA 02140, (617) 491-2220

*Please note: By exclusive contract with B7 Media, we are the only authorized distributor for the new Blake's 7 audio CDs in the US market. Copies from the sources listed above and direct from us are currently guaranteed by us as authentic in the US market. Our authorized sellers have complete sets in stock, including the slipcase bonus for Season One of the audio series, that was provided as a free bonus to all retailers to supply customers when they purchased all three audios, not necessarily as a set or a single purchase. Authorized sources provide copies that count toward the sales numbers needed to both keep the US license and keep the negotiated US pricing from B7 Media. At least one source is providing copies neither authorized by us for sale in the US, nor counting toward US sales figures, but they are claiming they are approved copies...copies you buy from unapproved sources will hurt our ability to keep this new series legitimately in the US in future. Be sure you are getting licensed copies from a source authorized by the US distributor.

If you are a retail customer and think you have purchased an unlicensed copy of a Blake's 7 audio CD or DVD from a US source, please be in touch. We've started an exchange program for unlicensed copies, so we can gather information and evidence, and will not prosecute retail customers who unknowingly purchased copies from US sources that are not authorized copies, and can provide information about their purchase to help address this difficult issue. Licensed copies are manufactured in the US and have identifying marks on the audios from the manufacture site. We'll help you determine how to prevent purchasing unlicensed copies of Blake's 7 audios in the future. Please support us in this effort to keep new Blake's 7 coming to the US...unlicensed copies hurt us all!

B7 Media - New Blake's 7 Productions

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