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Retailer Terms For Blake's 7 Releases

Mike's Comics is the exclusive North American distributor for the new Blake's 7 Audio CD series by B7 Media, supplying the series to wholesalers such as Baker & Taylor and Haven Distributors.

We are also able to provide the series for all retailers outside the United Kingdom. For retailers within the UK, we will be happy to provide contact information for you to make connections to the authorized UK distribution source.

With your Sales Tax certificate, Certificate of Resale, or similar identification, we are prepared to provide wholesale terms and additional information to you for your business. As a measure to support our retailer customers, please understand we will not offer wholesale terms for items not intended for resale. Purchasing clubs, individuals, fan clubs not purchasing for resale, and others who are not retailers should ask about availability on our normal terms, or should tell their local retailer to contact us.

We are also eager to help new businesses or groups establish the credentials needed to establish an account.

Finally, we are adding information on our Links page for selected retailers carrying the Blake's 7 audios.

For more details, please or call us at (508)756-9836 when you're ready to ask questions or proceed with setting up a wholesale account!

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